Delusional Confidence with Erica Swerdlow and Frani Udell

The inaugural first recording of The Rebel Mindset at Media Podz did not disappoint. I got a chance to sit down with two kick ass women and talk about everything from disciplining children, to the dynamics of taking risk and starting a business. What's the biggest thing I took out of it?

In order to be successful (in whatever form that comes in for you) you might have to be a little crazy. Erica Swerdlow CEO of Wye Communications talked about something she calls "delusional confidence." It's the kind of crazy belief you have to have in yourself in order to make things happen. Even if you really don't believe you can start an airline with no money like Sir Richard Branson, you still have to be willing to fake it. You have to be willing to take risk, and that means you have to be willing to lose it all.

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