Digging Deeper into the Sale with James Levin

I should probably feel guilty for hanging out with my best friend on the show, but I don't. Especially because the tips he gives are so damn genius! I have brought up the concept of being a professional on our way towards becoming an expert several times in conversation since sitting down with the man I call Jimmy Levin, and every time I talk about it, the more it sticks. I don't think we place the same value on professionalism as we used to. I'm all for cultivating a casual environment, but not if it sacrifices artistry and self respect. In addition to this we cannot forget that you have to work hard in life people. Everyone thinks they work so hard, but the question I have for you is what are you working hard on? Watch Episode 7!

Click here to listen: The Rebel Mindset Season 1 Episode 7 (Digging Deeper into the Sale with James Levin)


Chris Falcon