The Art of Brewing Success with Todd Holmes

I’ve had several weeks to let the words of the legendary Todd “Homer” Holmes sink in. This man started and sold Beers Across America for millions of dollars before the age of 24! Just think about that for a minute. I know in 2018 that doesn’t seem like a big deal, but back in the early 90’s that was unheard of. He then took that experience and worked that into the development and eventually sell of Goose Island Brewery. The dude is obviously exceptional, but he would never admit to that. What appears to be some form of entrepreneurial savantism might actually just be craziness on his part, but either way I’m happy Homer is the way that he is. He gives the rest of us hope that if we are willing to strip ourselves free of doubt and jump into the raging waters of entrepreneurship, we might actually have some success. Or at bare minimum, some sick ass stories to tell!

Click here to listen to The Rebel Mindset Season 1 Episode 8 (The Art of Brewing Success with Todd “Homer” Holmes)